"a mask does not hide oneself, but reveals what's on the inside"

Often when i am working in my studio late at night or on my way to a shooting and pass by a bar i have a glimpse of what "normal" people do on a friday night, while i am passing by with suitcases full of gear and outfits sweating to get to the location.Not that i feel sad, but rather happy. Cause i wouldn't want change anything in my life.

Hi, I'm Seann Jewall and am the person behind Jaded Jewall.

2009 i founded my label after graduating from my tailor apprenticeship and was on my way to my first Exhibition Bread & Butter in Barcelona.I am super thankful that Kapraun Ledermoden supported me from the very beginning on and took me also in the following year the Bread & Butter in Berlin 2010.

I grew up in a small town in the middle of Germany and it was time to move on to the City.Arriving in Hamburg i continued my work making designs for La Martina and took side commissions from Piratestyle.

Stoffsüchtig in the Hamburg Hafencity took in my Jackets and had several Projects and Catwalks and Hamburg was my new Home.

After several years of doing Catwalks and Performances at Extravaganza i visited German Fetish Ball Weekend in Berlin and found a new passion for Masks.

From the first white Bunny Mask i have now over a hundred variations of Masks and with new technology of 3D Printing and Lasercutting the ideas never end.

After doing big Runway Catwalks at German Fetish BallM'era Luna and Wave Gothic Treffen, i will be performing my next big Fashion Show this Summer for my 10 years anniversary in my Hometown Vancouver/ Canada at Vancouver Fetish Weekend and currently planning a Show next year in Tokyo.